Enter Zack Chase

Enter Zack Chase

Morale with the sales team has been at a lukewarm level.  The late summer months aren’t seeming to yield too much success with our predictable revenue sales approach.  The SEO leads we’ve been getting in have always followed the same pattern, us, Omnicontests, and w******.

On one hand we should be grateful because we didn’t even have that going for us last year, on the other hand it’s frustrating not understanding why we win some and why we lose some against w*****.

Omni is a worthless organization — our coup of taking AAF from them in June is the beginning of their end.  But w****** which has closed 2 rounds of seed funding constantly frustrates us.  It is our Goliath.

Their software isn’t significantly different or better than ours, but we speculate that their sales approach or marketing collateral puts them over us.

Enter Zack Chase – Zack is our go-to barbarian when it comes to our fake it till you make it strategy.  (Having just finished reading Barbarians at the Gate we all are starting to express a bit of hunger for stirring the pot up.)  We have Zack go by the pseudonym Zack Chase and leverage his connections in New York to keep the ruse going.

Each time we invoke Zack Chase we justify it and tell ourselves it is the last time.  Today though I think we accepted Zack Chase as a permanent fixture, a mechanism to elevate our company position.

Zack Chase now comes complete with an e-mail address, phone number, and alibi.  We setup our attack plan — get a demo of w******, get their marketing collateral and learn their approach.

To be continued


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