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I Teach People How to Talk to Developers

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Love Your Developer

A great developer will work 10x more efficiently than an average one. I'll help you wade through the BS.

Native vs Web? SQL vs NoSQL? There are 100s of frameworks to choose from, I'll help you decide what's right for you.

What You'll Learn

How software developers think and the best way you can convey your vision to them.

How to leverage the cloud and challenges you might face if your idea becomes popular.

An overview of the technology choices out there and how to choose the best one for you.

What it will take to launch your idea step by step.

About Me

My Background

My dream was to have a software product that had widespread usage. Back in 2007, I co-founded a software company where I set out on this journey. We had no funding, so we took on consulting work during the day and moonlighted on our own products at night. 7 years later, the consultancy grew to 25 developers around the United States, Russia, and India. I led development on over 120 projects ranging from kiosks that power the locker rooms in ski resorts, to classroom enrollment and billing systems, to paperless offices, to custom shirt builders, to retail systems, to these experimental gamified business ideas from business plan competition winners.

I've been programming since I was 12. It's always been a passion of mine, but then it turned into my education and my profession. I did a 3 year stint at The George Washington University where I taught senior computer science students how to take their idea on the journey all the way to invention.

Why I'm Doing This

Just about every week someone or another is approaching me with an idea they want to build. I realized there were plenty of resources out there to teach people how to code, but there weren't many to teach them how to actually get from idea to launched product.

With these workshops I'm hoping to learn the most common challenges people face. What stops people from building their ideas? What is the B.S. that they go through as they go from vendor to vendor trying to learn the questions to ask and then how to answer them?

By 2014, my dream of having a product that millions of people use had been realized. Now I have a new dream, and that is to help as many people see their ideas come to life as I possibly can. These workshops are the first step to developing a praxis all developers can follow when working with the people who have the ideas.

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