State of the Company August 2013

State of the Company August 2013

For the first time in the company’s history, I feel like everyone is working hard as hell to make nonprofitCMS a success on all fronts.

An entrepreneur will always tell you he or she is  “close” to making it, I know I’ve said it to Tim every few weeks, “man we just need to do this for a few months and we are solid” — that changed to “man in 2 years we will be in good shape.”

I’m sure this won’t be the last time I’m feeling optimistic, but let’s take stock of how things are going.

Cash Flow – Cash flow is not doing well at all.  I don’t think we are in an emergency, but July was not a great month for collecting money.  A lot is being spent to develop awardsCMS to meet the spec needed for AAF.  So more money will leave again in August than we bring in.  September too will be tight.  I’m tense about this, but I feel this was stuff we knew about, so we just need to let it run its course.

Website Development – Shockingly all projects are going smoothly.  I need to step in here and there, but Sarah seems to be motivated to ensure her projects are going well.

Awards – Sales seem to be going well in this regard as well.  On paper it looks like it will be a good month.  We hired Marc this month who should really help out a lot with taking the support requests off of Tim/My plate.

Really it seems like things we’ve worked for over the last few years are falling into place.  Kind of a boring update, but one I’m hopeful will continue through the end of the year.


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