State of the Company October 2013

State of the Company October 2013

Cash position is slightly better this month.  Our worst case projections show us falling down to $5-10k cash on hand — a big plus from the negative projections we had in September.  The next two months also look like we’ll be OK.  We should edge out slightly positive cash flow, keeping us oscillating between $5-90k within a given month.  Scary for sure, but as I said 2 months ago, I’m really not worried.

We hired our first temp to perm person.  Samantha starts Tuesday as a “Director of non-selling activities” — aka someone to help the sales team do data mining and initial emails.  Her annual cost will be something like $45k, which means we’ll need her to produce at least 1 more sale than we would have gotten without her in a given month.

We also decided to scale back new website projects next year.  I have buy in from the whole team, but the question is how far to scale back.  I’m thinking to limit work to only existing clients and to take on projects that fit a very specific mold.


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