Memo to Developer Staff Post AAF Version Launch

Memo to Developer Staff Post AAF Version Launch

Hey guys,

Just wanted to thank you for the tremendous efforts you put in this summer.  We would not have made the deadline if you did not only meet, but exceed the goals I had set out for you.

The launch has gone smoother than any other release, and considering the level of change — this is some great news.

While AAF I’m sure will still come up with new requirements that will surprise us, I believe we should a strong effort to give them confidence in us.  With their last vendor, their “Sept 1” deadline was missed, actually they launched “Oct 1” — but the system wasn’t totally ready, so they had hell to pay for nearly 7 months of system usage.  Because of that mess-up, we were able to come in and steal AAF who had a 15+ year relationship with our competitor.

We got news that our competitor is hurting badly without AAF.  They fired 2 developers and 1 support person, but we are looking past them onto the #1 Awards Software in the market: WizeHive.

Over the next set of versions we’ll really solidify our base (Faster Performance, Azure) and place the features that are needed to make ourselves #1.

In some regards, it is hard to believe we made it this far.  Features like Bulk Assign of Winners (which went live yesterday) seem like necessities that we lived with out.

Behind the scenes, we “faked” a lot of these features to clients on demos.  When the need came, we would have our support staff, and often myself + Zack doing massive amounts of data entry.

Now we are probably the #2 maker of awards software.

I don’t think that’s good enough for any of us.

So thanks again, and I look forward to the journey to #1,



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