State of the Company September 2013

State of the Company September 2013

Well as I mentioned last month, the cash flow pressure should peak this month.  I really hope I am right 🙂

 I’m staying calm, but I expect us to be at or near $0 cash in bank by the end of the month.  That gives us 2 months of borrowing ability.  My current focus is to keep our websites moving along so that we can get paid.  In terms of future work and receivables we should be fine, but it is just one of those hold your breath and wait things.

About a year ago, I made the call to Brian to end the relationship with B2R.  At that time, I decided my role at this company is to ensure everyone else believes in the dream so we can get their together.  At this point everyone does indeed seem to be chipping in, so now it is a question of is our business model the right one, or will I have to make some tough choices.

For now, I’ll stay positive — we should collect a ton of money in the next 2 months, and next year we should start getting our renewal fees, so just have to make it there.


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